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Trade investigations

GAI Group provides a wide range of services related to initiation of anti-dumping, countervailing and special investigations in Ukraine and client defense in trade investigations carried out in other countries:

  • Drafting of claims for initiation the anti-dumping / countervailing and special  investigations;
  • Counseling and preparation of responses to the corresponding questionnaires for domestic producers / foreign producer, sent by the investigating authorities;
  • During the investigation preparation of relevant commentaries concerning: application on the ground of which an investigation was launched; based on the results of consultations and hearings; after preliminary calculations  margin; on the preliminary and final reports of the authorities conducting the investigation;
  • Representation of interests of the client in consultations and public hearings;
  • Calculations of antidumping margin;
  • Development in the interest of the client price undertakings;
  • Advising clients on all other aspects of trade investigations and implementation of a full range of services related to communications with authorities conducting the investigation.