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Competition and antitrust law practice

GAI Group provides the following services in the field of competition law:

  • Analysis of the economic environment in Ukraine and other countries in the context of the existing monopolies;
  • Monitoring of internal market and the competitive environment, as well as the examination of legislation compliance according to economic competition protection;
  • Evaluation of the position, including monopoly / dominant of  business entities, as well as analysis of the regulatory decisions by relevant antitrust authority;
  • Analysis of position of parties involved (competitor and state body), which may pose a threat to business;
  • Representing interests of clients in cases conducted by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine including investigations and prosecutions of cases of anticompetitive actions, appeal regarding improper charging of penalties;
  • Development of economically sound arguments of the position of participants in the review an antitrust case: analysis of the pricing process in the Ukrainian and other markets, where the products of the client are presented; market analysis and evaluation of unique pricing factors of certain markets; use of other approaches and instruments to prove adequacy of pricing policies and methods;
  • Support of clients in cases concerning abuse of monopoly position, as well as risks that arise in various types of business activities that can be considered as monopoly;
  • Protection from unreasonable and ungrounded actions of state authorities concerning antimonopoly policy.