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What we do

The company offers services to companies, associations and other organizations in the following spheres:

  • International trade law and safeguard mechanisms  in international trade
  • Law and WTO procedures
  • International trade disputes
  • Trade policy and trade agreements
  • Trade negotiations
  • Custom regimes and procedures
  • Anti-monopoly investigations

Our company has participated in many trade investigations that were related to Russian Federation and Customs Union / EAEU, to the EU markets and dealt with Ukraine’s domestic market.

Majority of investigations dealing with domestic market which were initiated on behalf of our clients were completed with protective duties / price undertakings for foreign producers. Most of the investigations related to foreign markets, in which our company represented interests of clients, were completed with possible low level of protective measures or even without such measures.

GAI Group clients are leaders of metallurgical, chemical, agricultural and engineering industries. Among them, the largest pipe producer in Eastern Europe, transnational metallurgical company, the biggest in Ukraine and the largest in the world producer of ferroalloys and others.

Our experts provided their input in preparation of the “Free Trade Zone Agreement (CIS)”, several bilateral and multilateral agreements and memorandums, as well as in the process of development sectoral trade agreements between individual producers and foreign body of state administration.

In order to facilitate our business in Europe in 2014 we have created a Belgian company – GAI Group SPRL which allows us to become more focused on the European market as an important field for development of trade initiatives and resolving of trade disputes, as well as facilitating market access for Ukrainian producers