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Trade Negotiations

Negotiations are an important component in the process of establishing and legal definition of obligations of all interested parties of trade disputes, including antidumping, safeguard and anti-subsidiary investigations, as well as technical and regulatory barriers that arise in international trade.

Trade disputes may be resolved in accordance with conditions and rules of the WTO (at multilateral level) as well as at the level of bilateral negotiations that relate to specific anti-dumping, safeguard and anti-subsidiary investigations, and other problematic issues that impede access to foreign markets .

Each and every trade dispute, in which \"GAI Group\" represented one of the parties, was accompanied by many rounds of consultations and negotiations (including public hearings, consultations with competent authorities that responsible for conducting investigations) and in the vast majority of cases had a positive result for our clients.

A number of successful trade agreements were made through effective trade negotiations with participation of our company. It provided our clients with access to foreign markets on acceptable terms, allowing them to retain their traditional niche on the market.

The approaches to trade negotiations of \"GAI Group\" are based on long-term experience, constant and effective personal business relations with professionals in international trade in Ukraine and all around the world. This allows us to resolve problematic issues in international trade in favor of our clients and to minimize possible losses on markets.

We aim at elimination or minimization of risks of loss at traditional markets. We have experience and knowledge in developing a straight forward algorithm of effective protection of interests of our clients.